Julie Greiner and Companion Rosebud at Work
Photography by Alex Karl

Julie Greiner - Freelance Writer

Julie Greiner, who presently resides on the Gold Coast of South Florida with her companion Rosebud, is a freelance travel writer. Balmy winters and steamy summers have given Julie an insight for writing about the AllAroundTheGlobe.com travel opportunities available over the Internet.

Julie is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and the fierce winters of the midwest. Her childhood was one of privilege and a loving family which instilled a strong sense of motherhood and apple pie. After many years of marriage and raising her family, Julie uprooted to the south shore of Florida to enjoy life. Her children live close by and this makes life in her adopted locale home. Los Olas

Julie Greiner, Graphic Artist and Freelance Writer

While enjoying the warm South Florida sun of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Pompano Beach and the Palm Beaches, Julie works in the field of graphic art and web design. With some 15 years of experience in this field - among her specialties she prepares Camera Ready Art for printers and newsletters for civic and private organizations. She is experienced in the field of computer generated graphics performed on both MacIntosh and PC platforms. Whether you are in need of a simple business card logo design, four-color brochure, forms for complicated business transactions, a full length book which needs to be typeset or the services of a freelance writer... Julie would be more than happy to quote you a reasonable price.

Being President of Rosebud Enterprises and an active partner in Camera Ready Art there are many opportunities for weekend trips to Key Largo, Key West and the Virgin Islands. A strong advocate for animal and human rights, Julie feels no qualms about speaking up and watching out for her fellow beings. Gardening, cooking and redecorating her abode are relaxing diversions to everyday being. She believes that if paying one's car insurance, light bill and cell-phone charges are our biggest daily challenges, God has blessed us.

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